The Source Diet Review - peek inside the manual and website by Mike Clark Ph.D. & Matt Clark

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The Source Diet Elite Membership Site Review Peek Inside

The Source Diet Eliet Membership Site Review

The Source Diet Elite Membership site- Peek inside

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So the show you what you get when you buy the source diet elite membership access. An absolute bargain for the amount you pay for this product.

So once you get your source diet membership loginand you go over to the site - the Source Diet site is pretty rich :-

First there is the account details. Then a place called my photos artists we can upload before and after images.

There is a good support link for the at the website where you can submit a support ticket.

Also, very nice you can ask a source diet expert. Here they already have some of expert source diet membership answers. You can submit a question and they'll get back to you.

Next is the calorie calculator which every good weight loss website should have, followed by an exercise journal And it's really good stuff on there really is the usual character original document you like the exercise journal. It allows you to keep track and add the exercise you have done by looking at and by entering the amount it automatically calculates calories you have burnt.

Next is a food journal and all the things research has shown to be most effective, this is probably it. People lose weight without doing much more than just tracking what they eat. Now the source diet website allows you to do a lot more. You can look up the food you're eating, enter the amount and it will calculate the amount of calories. Very nifty.

Next there is the Hormone survey and you get a personalised report once you have answered yes or no to a couple of symptoms.

This is followed by the Source Diet results tracker where you into starting values and your 30 day milestone and and you can then track your progress over a period of time. This includes the source diet weight tracker, body fat tracker and calorie expenditure. We carry expenditure map shows your calories in and calories out.

The next section is the program where you can download

Each source diet action Checklist for women or the checklist for men
The 48-hour Anti-Bloat Quickstart System
The is main Source Diet  program manual that is based our 15+ years experiance

There is a section on recommended supplements but an upgrade is required, similarly for the At Home Hormone Tests.

Next there is some video coaching. These include:

Testosterone and Men
Female Hormones
Thyroid and Weight Loss

An upgrade is required to access the videos which include

Synthetic's Sugars and Diet Sodas
Stress and Weight Loss
How Often Should You Eat
How Many Calories Should You Eat to Lose Weight
Health Conditions That Affect Weight Loss
Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Next are Phase 1 and Phase 2- Rapid Fat Loss and Muscle Systems which unfortunately require the upgrade. However the manual itself, in my view, contains more adequate exercises to you on your way.

Phase 1 includes

The Circuit Blaster Workout
The Power Drive Workout
The Body Fit Workout
Abs Routine: Pure Abs Pro Workout
Bonus Abs Routine: The Swiss Ball Solution Workout

The Source Diet Phase 2 Rapid Fat Loss and Muscle System includes
An Exercise Video to Learn Proper Form
Shredded Muscle Priming Phase
Rapid Muscle Phase 1
Rapid Muscle Phase 2
Rapid Muscle Phase 3
Rapid Muscle Phase 4
Muscle Building Nutrition

All in All, the source diet elite membership site is great value for money and a must have tool to track your progress. I thinkit is worth the small once off investment just for the access to this membership site.

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 The Source Diet Elite Membership site- Peek inside

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Create the You, you really are!

Regards Carmella

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