The Source Diet Review - peek inside the manual and website by Mike Clark Ph.D. & Matt Clark

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Source Diet Discount - there is no Discount but pay half price...

Source Diet Discount - there is no Discount but pay half price...

Source Diet Discount - there is no Discount but pay half price...

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Source Diet Bonus


There is NO Source Diet discount, it is just someone trying to scam you. Instead I show you how to access a 14 day trial at half the price. This means you can check this product out and get your money back if it is not for you. That’s right I show you exactly how to do this.

I got interested in the Source Diet because I am over 45 and suddenly I am packing belly fat around my midriff.  The product seems to have some good backing behind it - Look at Mike Clark, Ph.D. credentials

  • Director of Education & Research for NBH Lifetime Health Clinics

  • Diplomat of Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Doctorate of Natural Medicine

  • Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Affiliate Member of American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

A Bariatric physician is a doctor who specialise in weight loss.

I also like the fact that Mike Clark Ph.D. is a member of the Academy of Anti-Ageing medicine. We all know carrying weight, second to tanning is one of the most physically ageing factors that there are.

Okay so first of all this plan is not just some health guru thumb sucking, there has been some extensive testing behind this. Dr. Mike Clarke and colleagues use these $5000 machines to measure thousands of people’s body compositions and blood testing and helped them lose weight. The neat thing is you get access to experts - he has two fulltime doctors on staff to answer your questions - Even weight watchers does not offer this!  Amongst all the weight loss programs, this one seems to have the whole system - it is practically a no-carb diet but it has no Source Diet Discount.

On this website We LOOK INSIDE

I can’t stand those videos which promote the product BUT HAVE NEVER BOUGHT THE PRODUCT AND SHOW YOU THE ACTUAL pdf’s . They are just using the marketing material and have not even bought the Source Diet. So I show you exactly how to access the trial, how to pay for it and how to get access to the Source Diet membership site.

This product has separate information for men and woman and this is mostly because our bodies secrete different hormones at different stages of our life. The Source Diet Review is all about looking at this.

I also show you exactly what is inside the membership site.

This diet may not be for you - but I have found that I can take tricks, tips and secrets from a variety of diet products and then make them work for me. This is a rapid weight loss system. To be fair, I give each eating plan at least 3 months, providing it does not impact my health. Like you, I have tried and tested many diets and I know each one has helped only for a short time. So I am no longer looking for a miracle just something that I can incorporate in my life style and that works over a long period of time. After all we did not pick up this weight in a week - yet we seem to lose masses of weight in a short period of time.  So I am giving this one a go - especially making sure I take the breaks off my body losing weight first.

I am wise and mature enough to realise it is the smaller gestures I do over a long period of time that help me lose the weight, not a crash diet. This is where I think the Source Diet on first reading seems to work with your body rather than so scam or gimmick. So don’t go looking for a Source Diet discount, the price is pretty good- you can get a trial for next to nothing and you can get your money back within 60 days if it does not work for you.

Remember there is no Source Diet Discount, it is just marketers and affiliates trying to trick you - but there is a way to trial the diet cheaply.

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Create the You, you really are!

Regards Carmella

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