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The Source Diet - Doctor discovers Body’s Own Fat Dissolver

The Source Diet Review

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Mike Clark Ph.D. and co-authored by Matt Clarke (fitness expert and author) reveal why no matter how much you diet you will not lose weight unless you get this one thing right. Mike Clark Ph.D. who specialises in anti-ageing and weight loss with long experience of helping thousands of clients in his clinic has found that if your hormones or insufficient or out of balance it may be difficult if not impossible to write.

In part one of the source diet Dr Mark Clark explains really simply the common hormonal issues affecting weight loss.
This section includes the source diet hormone symptom test. Whichyou  can quickly access on the membership website. Really need is that within a you get personalised report, based on your symptoms and a few hormonal imbalance possibilities and what to do about them.

In Part 2 you teach you all 30 day fat melting diet plan. He highlights the. 3 principles of a successful. Most importantly at the start of the source diet there is a simple step-by-step method of taking your initial measurements as a baseline. This you then record in the source diet results tracker online which is located in your members area. If you don't want to calculate there is the alternative of a very simple plan on page 56.

To kickstart your fat melting program there is a brilliant Anti-Bloat QuickStart system which details six meals that produces amazing results by flushing out toxins, reducing excess fluid, reducing water retention and re-leaving guests can all bloat your belly.

Resource type makes reading all about bulging belly promoters, a little knowledge lose a lot of weight.

The source diet part 3 is your 30 day metabolism boosting exercise plan. Giving you simple workout plans if you are not currently exercising or if you currently exercising. There is a minimum amount (2 sets of dumbbells) and there picture by picture instructions on exactly what you have to do.

In part 4 of the source diet you do follow-up measurements to check how much weight you have lost (Yippee), the inchesa round your belly you have lost and whether you body fat percentage has decreased.

This book was a revelation to me, there are no gimmicks but just some smart advice to ensure you can actually lose weight rather than just starving yourself.

If you have struggled with losing weight its not your fault - as we age our hormones will make us store fat. A small adjustment means it helps us melt the fat.

When I bought the The Source Diet, I was delighted by the revelation of the role that hormones play. I was disappointed because I thought it would tell me what foods to eat to increase or decrease certain hormone imbalances. However Mike Clark Ph.D. is an expert and recommends you get help from your doctor and explains exactly how to do this.

The strength of this book lies not in any diet or exercise plan but really understanding how hormones can make it impossible for you to lose weight. If you get it right, weight drops off, if you get it wrong you might as well continue on your cycle of trying all sorts of diets only to find that you have little success.

I hope you have enjoyed The Source Diet review

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The Source Diet Review

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